Welcome to A.D.D. – The Intelligent Warehouse

A.D.D. is a full service warehouse operation, specializing in third party logistics, stock storage and delivery, and inventory control. Located in St. Thomas, Ontario, A.D.D. is an ideal storage and distribution point for customers in Southern Ontario and beyond. 

When you partner with A.D.D., you have access to more than just a warehousing facility. With over a decade of experience in supply chain management, A.D.D. can help you develop an efficient program that will reduce your manufacturing costs and meet your specific warehousing needs.  We also offer value-added services including custom repackaging and delivery, as well as the online convenience of advanced, inventory management software.

Make A.D.D. the strongest link in your supply chain. Contact us today to see what a difference A.D.D. can make for your business.

Inventory Monitoring and Controls
Inventory management is all about efficiency. A streamlined warehouse operation can make it easier for you to provide reliable and accurate delivery and enhanced service to your customers. Our advanced system can also help you increase productivity by reducing waste and saving valuable time in the handling of your stock.

We believe technology is the key
Paper-based warehousing is quickly becoming obsolete. New and advanced software is making it easier than ever for businesses and warehouse operators to monitor inventory and perform warehouse tasks using the Internet. The result is a much more efficient operation that provides quicker turnaround and near-perfect accuracy in storing, ordering, and delivering inventory.

A.D.D. can give you access to technology that works. Our Inventory Management System (IMS) is on the cutting edge of this exciting software revolution, which means we can offer a wider range of logistic and fulfillment services to you – and you can offer faster, enhanced services to your customers.